We can offer you a variety of services and have the expertise to meet your needs!

Services Include:

Tax Preparation

Houck & Associates, P.C. is known for their high level of expertise in federal and state tax law. We are well versed in laws affecting individuals, general and limited partnerships, corporations and limited liability companies, not-for-profits, employee benefit plans, trusts and estates. Our peers often consult with us and seek out our opinion on tax issues.

Taxes are everybody’s least favorite necessity. Tax laws are long, involved, contradictory, complex and often surprising. How the tax laws are interpreted and applied to your situation can result in a significant difference in tax dollars.

Tax Planning

Houck & Associates, P.C. uses their expertise to help clients set up their finances to minimize the tax effect. Having a plan in place before making a transaction, whether it be gifting to your children, buying or selling property or a business, can make a big difference on your tax bill.

Financial Statements

Houck & Associates, P.C. provides a wide range of financial statement services:

  • Reviewed Financial Statements, a step down from a full audit, we analyze the data for reasonableness and can issue full reports or short reports without accompanying notes and schedules.
  • Compiled Financial Statements, financial statements which take your accounting information and put it in the form of financial statements. We do not test or analyze the data. The financial statements can be with or without schedules and disclosures.
  • Proforma Financial Statements, are a look into the future where we work with you to make assumptions about future revenues and expenses for planning purposes such as business plans and some loans.
  • Personal Financial Statements are generally for bank loan information. These statements cover all your personal assets and liabilities.

We provide financial statements to corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships, individuals and not-for-profits. We strive to complete the statements in a timely fashion with your budget in mind.

Lender Communications

Houck & Associates, P.C. offers services designed to help you get better financing terms from your lender. We work with you to improve the health of your business. We develop spreadsheets and projections to add support to your creditworthiness.

Cash flow analysis helps you see where and when your money is being spent. It determines how much of a loan you need to survive and when you need to borrow that money. It can also show very clearly where your money is being overspent.

Cash control is required to have the resources to grow your business, look toward retirement and get through the tough times. Cash control involves how you handle your receivables, payables, asset acquisitions and owner draws from the company. We help you understand your business’s cash issues and maximize the efficiency of your dollar.

Business plans are required by most lenders. It has been repeatedly proven that written plans lead to success. Every business owner has hopes and dreams of success. We help you put your hopes and dreams into step by step plans to achieve those dreams.

Budgeting is a part of every business plan. We work with you to develop budgets for all your expenditures and sales.

Ratio analysis is what lenders use to assess the health of a business. We do the ratios and let you know how healthy your business looks. We work with you to improve the areas that will lead to a stronger ratio analysis and get you results.

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Houck & Associates, P.C. has experience in the not-for-profit arena. We serve social, charitable and service organizations. These are some of the services we provide:

  • Tax-exempt status applications are long and confusing. We will prepare them for you and make recommendations for the best way to set up your organization.
  • Information returns are required for most not-for-profits on an annual basis. We prepare these returns for you.
  • Regulations affecting not-for-profits are numerous and perplexing. We help guide you through the maze to protect your tax-exempt status.
  • Financial Statements are a requirement of the bylaws of most not-for-profits. We offer reviews and compilations for all not-for-profits.
  • Organizing the not-for-profit for continuity of purpose and procedures, strong financial management and reliable accounting controls is extremely important to the viability of the organization. We have years of experience in helping not-for-profits grow and operate smoothly.

Fraud and Embezzlement

Houck & Associates, P.C. has the services of a Certified Fraud Examiner on staff. Robin Hayden, MBA, CPA, CFE received her certification in order to better serve our clients.

Fraud prevention services include analyzing the internal controls of the business or organization to see where procedures might allow for money or assets to be stolen. ”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” is never more true than in a fraud situation. The first time a company suffers fraud often bankrupts the company with little hope of being compensated in a timely fashion.

Fraud investigation is what you need when you suspect someone is stealing from you. The investigation determines whether there has been provable theft and who the most likely suspect might be. We work closely with you, your attorney, law enforcement, and any other owners of the business to bring together a case which can be taken to court.

Litigation support services are used by clients and attorneys who need a CPA to review books and records, analyze numbers in support of their case and testify as to the findings. This is sometimes related to fraud and other times related to other types of legal cases.

Other Services

QuickBooks is a program widely used by Houck & Associates, P.C. clients. We have a QuickBooks Professional Advisor on staff who is trained in the various forms of QuickBooks software and can answer your questions from A to Z.

Houck & Associates, P.C. offers bookkeeping and payroll services on a limited basis.

  • Bookkeeping is available at a variety of levels to suit your needs. We can do everything from posting payable and receivables to printing checks for you, or as little as posting from your check register.
  • Payroll can be done with or without bookkeeping services. We can print reports for you to write your own payroll checks or we actually print the checks and have them ready for your signature. We do all employer tax reports as needed.
  • Sales and excise tax reports are a service we provide. We prepare them from your self-prepared books or the bookkeeping we do for you.
  • Software Support is a frequently used service. Houck & Associates, P.C. supports a variety of accounting software.


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